Insights about your organization are found at the indicator level. Using Indicators, each organization has a systematic path to improve their business key metrics by making meaningful changes to their people model. You can do this by building on strengths, or prioritising investment in lower scoring indicators.

An indicator is a label and it has an indicator score. For example: Leadership, 65%

Here, the indicator is called 'Leadership' and it maps to the likert-style 'Select One' question you asked in a survey about Leadership. For example, "Leaders in our organization are connected to the daily reality of our business and respond appropriately".

The Indicator score of 65% means that 65% of the responses to the question were positive (Strongly Agree, or Agree), and expressed as a % of the total number of responses.

Indicators and their scores are a very useful way of summarizing and communicating the results and issues uncovered in your employee feedback.

Organisational Fitness Indicators

The Qlearsite Framework uses 16 preset, or templated, indicators.

Once an organization has a baseline measurement of its 16 organizational fitness indicators, it can use this information to identify areas where it may be struggling or underperforming. This may include indicators that are scoring low, or that have shown a significant decline from one survey to the next. Qlearsite recommends exploring these low-scoring indicators in more detail to understand the underlying causes and to identify potential solutions. This can include conducting additional research or analysis, gathering feedback and input from employees, and implementing action plans to address the identified issues. By focusing on improving its low-scoring indicators, an organization can improve its overall performance and achieve its goals more effectively.

Each Organisational Fitness indicator has an associated Deep Dive survey template associated with it, that will drive your insights.

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