Lead Score

The Qlearsite Lead Score measures how individuals in your organisation anticipate future needs and take charge of a situation with no requirement for supervision or direction. This measure is a complimentary metric to Organisational Fitness.

The Lead Score is based on the responses to the statement:

{Our organisation} inspires me to be proactive and take the initiative.

The Lead question in part of the available questions in the Engagement Scan survey.

If you score high in Lead

Your employees are responding positively to the leadership within your organization.

This may be because they are inspired by the vision and values of the company, and feel motivated to contribute to its success. It could also be because they feel supported and empowered by their leaders, and are able to effectively collaborate and communicate with their colleagues.

Ultimately, high scores in leadership can be a sign of a healthy and productive work environment, and can lead to better outcomes for both the organization and its employees.

If you score low in Lead

Low scores in Lead may indicate that your employees do not feel empowered and proactive. This can be a sign that they do not feel supported or encouraged to take initiative, and may lack the confidence or ability to do so. This can lead to a lack of motivation and engagement, and can result in decreased productivity and poor performance.

To improve in this area, it may be helpful to provide your employees with the tools, resources, and support they need to feel confident and capable in their roles. This could include training, mentoring, and regular feedback and communication. It may also be beneficial to foster a culture of collaboration and innovation, where employees feel encouraged to share their ideas and take on new challenges.

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