Collaboration Score

Collaboration indicates how well your organization is able to facilitate cooperative working among teams and employees. It reflects the effectiveness of your structure, processes, and culture in enabling employees to work together and achieve common goals. A high level of collaboration indicates a strong, supportive environment where employees are able to collaborate and share ideas, resources, and knowledge to drive business success.

Collaboration Scores

The Collaboration score in the Qlearsite Organisational Fitness framework reflects how well the culture and co-operation across teams is operating in your organisation. This attribute sits at the intersection of the Value Driver, Enablement and the Organisation Lever, Culture.

The Collaboration Question

{Our organisation} is an effective team that works well together and we help each other when needed.

Collaborative teams help and support each other, understanding their respective objectives and communicate to prioritise collective tasks.

A High Collaboration Score

Great job! High scores in Collaboration indicate that your organisation is great at working together as a team to accomplish goals. Collaborative organizations score higher on retention and tend to have high overall Organisational Fitness scores.

You may want to:

• Check the Themes that are most prominently correlated to this high-scoring attribute

• Capture some comments that capture how your organisation is responding positively to this attribute.

A Low Collaboration Score

If you score low in Collaboration, it could indicate issues with team dynamics in your organization or communication problems. The first step is to find out more about what people are saying with regards to Collaboration.

• What are the Themes that are correlated to Collaboration in the responses?

• Are there any comments that are indicative of issues?

• Can any identifiable root causes of Collaboration issues be observed in the responses?

• Create Actions as you discover findings for further analysis and review.

Use a Collaboration Deep Dive survey to quantify Collaboration further. This Deep Dive survey addresses four criteria of Collaboration: Team Levels, Across Teams, Informal and External. By examining these four key dimensions, you will be able to gauge in detail how effectively collaboration is operating in your organisation.

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