Leadership Score

The Leadership indicator measures how well your leadership team is perceived by employees in terms of their presence and accountability. This can include factors such as the accessibility and visibility of leadership. These items correspond to the effectiveness of communication and decision making, and the level of support and guidance provided to employees. A high level of leadership indicates a strong, engaged, and accountable leadership team in the organisation. Specifically such a leadership team is able to inspire and guide employees towards achieving organizational goals and objectives.

Leadership Score

The Qlearsite Leadership Score can help you understand if your people feel their leader understands their roles, their challenges and are visibly connected to the organisation. The Leadership attribute lies at the intersection of the Value Driver:Visibility and the Organisation Lever:Behaviours.

The Leadership Question

Leaders in {our organisation} are connected to the daily reality of our business and respond appropriately.

A High Leadership Score

High scores in Leadership show that your organisation’s management team are connecting with your employees. Great leaders confidently motivate your teams to focus on the mission. Strong Leadership scores also indicate that your senior managers are caring about their teams, the environment and the social environment of the workplace. You may want to:

• Check the Themes that are most prominently correlated to this high-scoring attribute

• Capture some comments that capture how your organisation is responding positively to this attribute.

A Low Leadership Score

If you score low in Leadership, it may indicate that employees feel disconnected from the senior leadership team, and by extension the organisational strategy and organisational mission. Low Leadership scores may be most apparent during periods of major organisational change. Qlearsite’s benchmarks indicate that Leadership is commonly among the lowest scoring Organisational Fitness indicators. To find out more about what people are saying with regards to Leadership:

• What are the Themes that are correlated to Leadership in the responses?

• Are there any comments that are indicative of issues?

• Can any identifiable root causes of Leadership issues be observed in the responses?

Create Actions as you discover findings for further analysis and review.

If you have noticed an extreme drop in Leadership score survey-to-survey, consider using a Leadership Deep Dive survey to quantify this dimension of Organisational Fitness further. This Deep Dive survey addresses four criteria of Leadership: Vision & Strategy, Corporate Responsibility, Connected and Behaviours.

By listening to your employees in this targeted survey, you will be able to more thoroughly examine the details of the leadership issues in your organisation.

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