Innovation Score

Innovation refers to the process of creating new ideas and methods that can be used to improve an organization’s products, services, and operations. It can include the adoption of new technologies, the encouragement of creativity and experimentation, and the support of ideas and initiatives that drive business growth and evolution. A high level of innovation indicates that an organization is flexible and adaptable and is able to respond to changing market conditions and customer needs.

It also suggests that the organization is focused on continuous improvement. Such an organisation is committed to driving growth and progress. By fostering a culture of innovation, an organization can stay ahead of the competition, improve its performance, and achieve its goals more effectively.

Innovation Score

Does your organisation embrace change? The Qlearsite Innovation Score can help you understand how innovation is encouraged by leaders⁠—from the sharing of ideas across teams, to looking externally for inspiration.

The Innovation attribute lies at the intersection of the Value Driver, Agility and the Organisation Lever, Culture. For many organizations the Innovation Score is the metric that has the highest visibility.

The Innovation Question

We welcome change and are able to adapt and innovate quickly whenever needed.

Survey responses to this question helps define how your employees feel that your organisational culture embraces and promotes innovation.

A High Innovation Score

Tremendous! Whatever you are doing to encourage and grow a culture embracing innovation is working⁠—keep it up! A strong Innovation Score will help boost your overall Organisational Fitness Score.

You may want to:

• Check the Themes that are most prominently correlated to this high-scoring attribute

• Capture some comments that capture how your organisation is responding positively to this attribute.

A Low Innovation Score

If you score low in Innovation, it could indicate blocking factors in your organisation that are holding you back. These issues might be related to communication, information silos, or the perceived lack of an overall important vision in your organization. The first step is to find out more about what people are saying with regards to Innovation:

• What are the Themes that are correlated to Innovation in the responses?

• Are there any comments that are indicative of issues?

• Can any identifiable root causes of Innovation issues be observed in the responses?

Create Actions as you discover findings for further analysis and review.

To find out more about Innovation in your organisation, use an Innovation Deep Dive survey to quantify Inclusion further. This Deep Dive survey addresses four criteria of Innovation: Ideation, Investment, Delivery and Sustaining. By listening to your employees in this targeted survey, you will be able to more thoroughly examine the details of the innovation issues in your organisation.

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