Experience Score

The Experience indicator instructs how your employees feel people at your organisation are well treated and rewarded fairly.

This is a measure of how well your organization is perceived by its employees in terms of its ability to provide a positive and rewarding work experience. This can include factors such as the level of support and resources provided, the fairness and equity of rewards and recognition, and the alignment of employee needs and expectations with the organization’s goals and values. A high level of experience indicates an organization that values and supports its employees, and is able to provide a positive and fulfilling work environment.

Experience Score

The Qlearsite Experience Score can help you understand if your workplace is considered an environment where HR creates a positive career experience. The Experience attribute lies at the intersection of the Value Driver: Governance and the Organisation Lever: Talent.

The Experience Question

My knowledge, skills and expertise are respected, recognised and fairly rewarded.

A High Experience Score

High scores in Experience indicate that your employees feel adequately rewarded and respected in the workplace. From a recruitment and retention perspective, the Experience score also is an effective measure of the daily experience of employees at your organisation. High experience scores show that your workplace environment is supporting employee wellbeing and their long-term needs. You may want to:

• Check the Themes that are most prominently correlated to this high-scoring attribute

• Capture some comments that capture how your organisation is responding positively to this attribute.

A Low Experience Score

Low scores in Experience are indications that retention issues may be about to occur, or are already present. If you score low in Experience, it may show that employees feel inadequately compensated. The rewards and recognition system of your organisation may have fallen out of step with the overall employment marketplace recently.

Low Experience scores may also be a barometer of your organisational workplace not being competitive in terms of perceived employee wellbeing. The daily experience of your team members may not be as positive as expected based on a low Experience score. To find out more about what people are saying with regards to Experience:

• What are the Themes that are correlated to Experience in the responses?

• Are there any comments that are indicative of issues?

• Can any identifiable root causes of Experience issues be observed in the responses?

Create Actions as you discover findings for further analysis and review.

If you have noticed an extreme drop in Experience score survey-to-survey, consider using an Experience Deep Dive survey to quantify this dimension of Organisational Fitness further. This Deep Dive survey addresses four criteria of Experience: Rewards & Recognition, Daily Experience, HR Service and Environment.

By listening to your employees in this targeted survey, you will be able to more thoroughly examine the details of the experience issues in your organisation.

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