Persist Score

The Qlearsite Persist Score identifies the behaviours and characteristics of everyday work. This feedback informs what shapes your culture and states the reality of your employer brand. This score is a compliment to Organisational Fitness.

The Persist Score is based on the responses to the statement:

At {Our organisation}, I feel motivated to persevere to find solutions to challenges.

The Persist question in part of the available questions in the Engagement Scan survey.

If you score high in Persist

High scores in Persist can indicate that your employees are motivated and determined. They are properly motivated to accomplish the goals of the organization. This is the case – even when they are faced with challenges. This can be a sign of a dedicated and hard-working team, who are committed to achieving success.

High levels of persistence can lead to better outcomes for the organization. As employees are able to overcome obstacles and continue making progress towards important objectives.

Help your team stay motivated. This could include regular feedback and recognition, clear goals and expectations, and opportunities for growth and development. Additionally, it may also be beneficial to create a positive and supportive work environment. In such a workplace, employees feel valued and empowered to contribute their best efforts.

If you score low in Persist

Low scores in Persist may indicate that your employees are do not feel motivated enough to persevere through adversity. This can be a sign of a lack of engagement or commitment to the organization’s goals. Consequently, this can lead to decreased productivity and poor performance.

To improve in this area, identify and address the underlying causes of low persistence among your employees. This could involve providing regular feedback and support, setting clear goals and expectations, and offering opportunities for growth and development. Create a positive and motivating work environment, where employees feel valued and supported in their efforts. This will foster a culture of resilience and persistence, where employees are more likely to overcome challenges and continue striving towards success.

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