Pride Score

The Qlearsite Pride Score measures if individuals in your organisation take pride in their work, achievements and goals. This score is a compliment to Organisational Fitness.

The Pride Score is based on the responses to the statement:

I am proud to work for {this organisation}.

The Pride question in part of the available questions in the Engagement Scan survey.

If you score high in Pride

High scores in Pride can indicate a number of positive things about your employees and organization. For example, employees who take pride in their work are likely to be more engaged, motivated, and committed to achieving organizational goals. They may also be more likely to produce high-quality work and to go above and beyond in their roles. Additionally, a high level of pride among employees can foster a positive and supportive work culture, which can in turn improve morale, collaboration, and overall job satisfaction. Overall, having a team of employees who take pride in their work and the organization can be a key driver of success and achievement.

If you score low in Pride

Low scores in Contribute may indicate that your employees are not sufficiently stimulated or driven to do their best work. There may be blocking factors that are holding back your team.

People that aren’t able to contribute effectively may be indications of retention issues in your organisation. Potentially this type of individual has met with resistance when trying to help the organisation succeed in the past. Are there adequate means at your organisation to communicate, and allow ideas to flow freely? Do your leaders listen?

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