Inclusion Score

The Inclusion indicator is a measure of how well an organization is fostering a fair and accessible workplace for its employees. A high score on this indicator indicates that employees feel included and valued in the workplace, and that they are able to participate and contribute fully to the organization’s activities. This can lead to increased engagement and motivation among employees, as well as improved performance and productivity.

To improve their score on this indicator, organizations can focus on creating a workplace culture that is inclusive and supportive of all employees. This can be achieved through activities such as promoting diversity and inclusion, providing training and support to employees, and regularly soliciting feedback from employees. This information empowers your organisation to identify and address any issues related to inclusion.

Inclusion Scores

It is important to ensure that everyone can be their authentic selves at work and feel they work in a fair and meritocratic environment. The Inclusion Score on Qlearsite’s Organisational Fitness framework helps you measure how inclusively your organization operates.

The Inclusion indicator is positioned at the intersection of the Value Driver, Governance and the Organisation Lever, Culture. This denotes that the measure shows how your workplace environment and ways of work follow the proper course of action.

The Inclusion Question

I work in an environment where everyone can feel included, respected and accepted for ‘who they are.’

The score is intended to present a clear view of how people feel about inclusion – identifying areas to improve, and if any groups feel excluded.

A High Inclusion Score

Fantastic effort! Whatever you are doing to promote and establish a diverse and inclusive workplace is working. A strong inclusion score will help boost your overall Organisational Fitness Score.

You may want to:

• Check the Themes that are most prominently correlated to this high-scoring attribute

• Capture some comments that capture how your organisation is responding positively to this attribute.

A Low Inclusion Score

If you score low in Inclusion, it could indicate issues of communication, unconscious bias, or even harassment in your organization. The first step is to find out more about what people are saying with regards to Inclusion and create actions as you discover findings for further analysis and review:

• What are the Themes that are correlated to Inclusion in the responses?

• Are there any comments that are indicative of issues?

• Can any identifiable root causes of Inclusion issues be observed in the responses?

You can use an Inclusion Deep Dive survey to quantify Inclusion further. This Deep Dive survey addresses four criteria of Inclusion: Safety & Access, Trust & Fairness, Acceptance and Belonging. By listening to your employees in this targeted survey, you will be able to more thoroughly examine the details of the inclusivity issues in your organisation.

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