Qlearsite's Organisational Fitness Framework

Organisational Fitness(TM) is a way of measuring your organisation’s performance. This framework of 16 indicators gives you specific metrics for every area of your business and culture, linking them to growth, profit and customer Net Promoter Score.

It doesn’t matter how complex the topic is. Organisational Fitness can track everything from inclusion and communication, to leadership and motivation. The ultimate goal is to make sure your people strategy is solid and that your entire company is driven and united behind it.

Qlearsite’s approach to improving organizational performance is focused on providing a sustainable methodology for continuous improvement. This means that instead of providing short-term solutions, their approach is designed to help organizations develop strategies and processes that can be implemented over the long term to consistently improve their performance. This is achieved through a combination of tools that help organizations identify areas for improvement and develop actionable plans to address them. This approach can help organizations improve their efficiency, productivity, and overall effectiveness, ultimately leading to better performance and long-term success.

The Value of using our Framework

Qlearsite’s Framework is based on our own methodology, developed in-house over many years and proven through extensive independent research and data. The Framework is a way of measuring the resilience and performance of your organisation by covering a core set of 16 topics that have been scientifically proven to drive value.  

Designing good questions for a survey is hard which is why the Qlearsite Framework offers pre-built question set templates. These question set templates help you ask the right questions about important people topics so that you can get quality insights. They’re also short, fast and easy for your people to complete which translates into a great response rate. 

With our Qlearsite Framework, it is easy to design and customise your survey. Whether you’re utilising one of our templates or creating your own, you’ll be able to create a survey that asks the important questions, is aligned with your organisation’s brand and is a great experience.

The Organisational Fitness Scan

The Organisational Fitness Scan is how we measure Organisational Fitness.

It’s more than an employee survey - it’s a holistic approach to assessing the 16 topics most important to your people, from leadership to role fit, giving you insights that help to drive change.

Use the Organisational Fitness survey for an overall scan, for feedback on the 16 topics that matter most to your employees. From this survey, you’ll identify strengths to celebrate, opportunities to improve, and understand your organisation’s ability to adapt to change.

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