The Best Time to Send a Survey

We’ve made many studies on this topic:  What’s the best time to send out an employee survey? Over the years and, sadly, there is no perfect answer. However, according to the well-known CRM platform Hubspot

“…it’s best to send a survey on a weekday during a low-peak time of day for professionals — early mornings, lunchtime, late afternoons, and post-work evenings. That way, the survey doesn’t get lost with other work-related emails and users will have more time on their hands to complete it.“ (Source).

In our experience, we see most of our customers’ surveys being taken between 9am and 11am on a Monday. Some other observations taken in the month of March 2022:

  • Employees don’t like to reply to surveys at the start (8am) or at the end of their day (5pm).
  • Those that do start it first thing in the morning (8am) have the lowest chance of actually finishing it.
  • Very few employees are going to do it after hours.

Our advice:  focus on the communications plan around the survey instead of trying to guess the perfect time.

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