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How can Qlearsite help me transition from the surveys I have done in the past?

Choosing Qlearsite is a smart decision. But we think your choice was driven by wanting to radically change how employee feedback is used in your business. Unfortunately that may mean some of your past data isn’t that useful to you anymore.  During onboarding, your Qlearsite Account Manager can help you understand the difference between the Qlearsite approach and the data you have collected in the past.

Your Account Manager can help you with resources to:

  • Communicate to your teams why you have made the change and what the benefits are;
  • Structure a communications plan for your first survey;
  • Understand how to get the reporting and analysis you need from our Product.

In addition, we may be able to ingest some of your past survey data. Please discuss this with your Account Manager during onboarding.

Does Qlearsite follow industry-leading best practices in your survey design?

If you’re new to sending employee surveys, it’s hard to get it right. There’s a lot you should bear in mind – here are just a few examples:

  • The length of your surveys
  • What questions you ask
  • Using demographic data
  • How to analyse the results

If it feels overwhelming, don’t worry. You don’t need to know everything: that’s what employee feedback platforms, like ours, are for. We’ve designed every aspect of our survey platform with ‘best practices’ in mind – from short, easy-to-answer surveys, to technology that analyses answers for you.

How many surveys can I send a year?

There are no restrictions on how many surveys you can send with the Qlearsite Platform, but having a survey strategy is important so that you get the best insights from your people.

How many survey respondents can the Qlearsite Platform handle?

We typically work with organisations ranging from 50 to 2000+ employees, and in many cases more than 10,000.

The number of employees licensed to answer surveys ( the number of recipients) is determined at the time you sign up to use our platform. Please contact your Qlearsite Account Manager for more details or to discuss changing your user licences or pricing.

Does Qlearsite work internationally?

Qlearsite currently has customers using the platform in the UK, Europe, and in the US, and we have language support for a wide range of languages.

For a list of organisations we work with in different locations, please contact your Qlearsite Account Manager or email us at

How will the Qlearsite Platform meet my needs as my organisation grows and matures in sophistication?

The Qlearsite Platform supports you in collecting and analysing employee feedback as regularly and frequently as you require, from teams to the whole organisation. You also have the choice of using our ready-to-send surveys, or writing and designing your own.

This means you can use the platform for business critical decision-making, general health scans, ad hoc deep dives, or employee lifecycle surveys.

With easy-to-build reports and features for collaborating on the results with colleagues and line managers, you can get a better understanding of your employees from your survey results. This will help improve your ability to listen, react and implement the change your business needs to be successful.

The Product Team at Qlearsite meets regularly with customers to:

  • gather product feedback,
  • test designs of new features,
  • factor their needs into our priorities.

We are here to support our customers as they build employee feedback into their business decision making. If you’d like to know more about our future plans or to help us prioritise future development work, please discuss this with your Qlearsite Account Manager.

Can Qlearsite provide advisory services to my organisation?

No, but during onboarding your Qlearsite Account Manager can introduce you to a wide range of partners in many countries, who are both experts in our platform and provide advisory or consultancy services.

Can Qlearsite provide some references from current customers I can talk to before I sign up?

We have a number of success stories and case studies on our website that you can view. We invite you to read some of our reviews on G2. If you would like further references, then please contact us at


Does the design of the Qlearsite Platform conform to accessibility best practice?

We value inclusion and are currently taking many steps to make our platform as accessible as possible. It will take us a bit more time for us to achieve the AA standard against WCAG 2.1 guidelines but it is on our list of priorities.

We have prioritised our surveys, as these are the most widely used part of our platform and service across a very broad user base. At the moment, we are aware of small colour contrast and navigation issues on our Insights tools (for example, where we use colour to indicate the level of a score) and recognise that this needs to improve. We will continue to make incremental improvements over the next 6 months to our tools.

Single Sign On (SSO)

We support SAML and OpenID.

Please get in contact to discuss your requirements.

Is the Qlearsite Platform available on mobile and tablet devices?

The surveys created in the Qlearsite Platform are available on mobile, tablet and desktop, making it easier for people to respond and provide their feedback. When designing a survey or reviewing the results, the Qlearsite Platform is designed to be used on desktop.

Supported Browsers

This is the current list of browsers and versions of those browsers that are supported by the different areas of the Qlearsite application.

Platform Desktop Mobile Tablet
Survey Form





Apple Safari

Most recent 2 stable versions of the above

Chrome (iOS and Android)

Safari (iOS only)

Android v7 or greater

iOS v8 or greater

Chrome (iOS and Android)

Safari (iOS only)

Android v7 or greater

iOS v8 or greater

Rest of the Application




Apple Safari

Most recent 2 stable versions of the aboveNot supported by IE including IE11

Not supported Not supported

Note: We cannot guarantee stability on virtual desktop systems so recommend using native browsers.

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